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Shinigami-kun Episode 3

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-From Cool Voice Vol.6

And now it’s Kaji’s turn!

Short questions and answers

  1. What do you think of when you hear the word summer?     Love
  2. You’ve just spotted a shotting star!  What do you wish for?     “So pretty…” “I can’t make it in time…”
  3. Your favorite place?     Home.
  4. If you were to become a power ranger, which color do you want to be?  Which technique do you want?     Red.  The 5+1 person combo technique.
  5. Your favorite motto? 案・陰・運・縁・思
  6. Something you always walk around with?     Toy digital camera.
  7. Your ideal type?  Can you give a talent as an example?     Miyazaki Aoi
  8. Your nickname when you were little?     Kacchan
  9. Place you wash first in the shower?     Hair.
  10. Something you failed at recently?     My shoe scraped me.
  11. If you had a week’s worth of time off, what would you do?     Traveling in Europe.
  12. If you were to be reborn, what do you want to be?     A girl.
  13. Your treasure?     Voice.
  14. Any fetishes?     Good sense.
  15. Favorite colors?     White and rainbow colors.
  16. A book you want to recommend?     Soranin.

I honestly have no idea what his favorite motto is…and what it means.  A toy digital camera looks like this.  Aww, he wants to be a girl in his next life.  Which is…well, I mean, his voice is already high enough.  The first time I heard it, I thought it was a girl’s voice (since female seiyuu do most kids’ voices).  Kaji, your answers are sooo cute!

Oh, and if anyone knows what the motto means, please tell me?

Kaji, sweetie you always make me want to reach out and hug youuuuu!!!

The motto right?

It’s a tricky one just by looking at it! orz.  Each one will most likely carry a personal meaning for Kaji (^_^)

案(あん/an) - idea 
陰(いん/in) - negativity 
運(うん/un) - fate
縁(えん/en) - chance
恩(おん/on)  - obligation

Who knows what these words may mean to him.  For example it could be (and I’m just throwing it out there as an example so please don’t no one take this as fact)

Let idea take shape.
Don’t let negativity take over.
Befriend fate.
Cherish chance.
Don’t forget obligations.

But it’s different from person to person.  I think it’s a great motto though and easy to remember. 

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